Day 1: Back to the Garden

This past Sunday, a friend and I went to our usual 9:30 service at Passion City Church. At the conclusion of the sermon, Pastor Louie informed us that the church was going to be having a listening party during the 5 o’clock service in order to celebrate Crowder’s newest album American Prodigal. Instantly we both looked at each other and knew that we were going to have to attend this event! Crowder has a very special place in my heart, because it was listening to him sing during the passion conference that I put my faith in God. ANYWAY! One of the songs Crowder sang was “Back to the Garden” and it was during this song that the Holy Spirit moved in me once again. For months I had been walking along the edge of my faith trying to see how far I could get without God. I had been longing to have my deep relationship with God again, but it felt like something was blocking me and I was not willing to put forth the effort to move whatever was in the way. So instead, I was just living my life and boy have I been struggling. Then here comes Crowder once again…saving me. It was in this moment that I knew it was time to head home.

Over the past few days I have been listening to “Back to the Garden” on repeat and really letting the lyrics sink deep into my spirit & this is what I got from it:

…I was born to be Royal…  God did not create us to me mediocre, He created us to be the best. I had to take a second and let that one soak in…Royal. God created ME to be Royal. americanprodigalsquareHe did not create me to be anything lesser than the highest. However sometimes I choose to be believe I was created to be nothing and no one. That is what the enemy wants you to think, but God reminded me that when He created me, He created me to be Royal. …I was made to be free… When I was saved I was set free of everything that was holding me down. The moment I decided to allow God into my heart was the moment I stopped carrying the weight of my world on my shoulders. God freed me of so many things and still patiently works with me every day waiting for me to allow him to free me of more. God also gives us free will, we do whatever we want when we want. We can choose to walk with God every day of our lives or we can choose to walk without Him. We have the freedom to choose whatever life we want. We make that decision every single day with every single action. And I ask myself, “why in the world would I not choose God every single day of my life when He is so great to me?”…But I was torn from the garden When the devil lied to me… Because the devil is the greatest deceiver and he wants to kill, steal, and destroy everything in our lives. And the scary part is…sometimes we allow him to without even realizing it. The devil deceived Adam and Eve to eat from the tree and for that they had to leave the garden. Adam and Eve had everything they could have ever desired or even dreamed of desiring and the only thing they had to do was obey God’s one asking and not eat of the tree. God gives us everything we need out of life, but the devil makes us think there is always something better…and we fall for it time and time again. And I don’t know about you, but that is terrifying…I was formed from the soil I got dirt inside of me… God created us each individually…He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows all of the bad things we have done and he knows every single thought we have ever had. God knows the dirt inside of us…God knows our deepest and darkest fears and secrets. You know those few things you have done and/or thought about that you would never admit to any other human in the whole entire universe. Those things that you wouldn’t even tell your pet?! God already knows…but I was born to be royal I was made for glory… And guess what…He STILL wants you to be royal. God keeps no record of your wrong doings and all He wants is for you to walk with Him so you may glorify Him with the prosperity of your life…Take me back to the garden Take me back and walk with me… God I know I my heart has strayed from You, but please God take me back. Take me back into your love and help me to release everything in my life that is not for your glory.God I have been trying to create my own paths but they have all ended in heartache and failure. God I ask for your forgiveness and I ask to walk back on the straight and narrow you have created for me. God I want to live by your will and not my own. God I want to release my heart of my desires that are not your desires for my life. God please take me back and help me. Hold my hand and guide me because I am so lost…For your presence I am longing Take me back, take me back… And I am tired of doing this alone, please help me. God I do not want to figure things out for myself I want you to guide me. I am done with my own selfish desires. I want to walk in your light. You have already laid out a path for me…a path of prosperity, love, and success. God that is what I want and I am sorry for ignoring you and trying to do it on my own. But God please take me back…Take me down to the river Down to Eden’s crystal streams Where every sin can be forgiven Holy Ghost come set me free… And how does God answer my pleas? He opens His arms to me and cradles me in His love. That is our God, our Father. There are hills and valleys in your walk with God, but when you are in your deepest valley time and time again all God wants to do is bring you back up to your highest mountain. All you have to do is ask. Allow him to cleanse you of your wrong doings and reignite His fire in your heart.


21 Days with God

Hello world!

What am I doing?
So I have recently decided to go on a fast. Not an eating fast, but more of a “life cleansing” fast. I deleted all of my social media in order to limit distractions and embrace silence. I have created a playlist of spiritual and uplifting music that I will be listening to instead of my usual “fun” music. I will trying not to “waste time” and instead filling my free time with productivity, prayer, & spending quality time with friends.

Why am I doing it?

I am challenging myself to “21 days with God” and trying to limit the amount of distractions in my life so that I may draw nearer to Him. Over the past several months I have felt myself pushing boundaries and accepting things into my life that I should not be allowing in. I am thinking of it as a “reset” button if you may. Life has been a real struggle and I am slowly realizing that I need God now more than I have ever before.

How am I doing it?

Great question, I am not really sure. I am not following a predetermined book or outline I am literally just going with the flow. I plan on following the Spirit and allowing God to reveal things to me as He sees best fit. I have decided to create this blog for accountability and for the sheer fact that I really love to write. (I never said I was good at it so do not judge me! & I apologize in advance for grammatical errors because I am sure there will be tons.) I have also taken a big step and I have decided to let people know what I am doing, because we all need support. Blogs have become very popular over the past couple of years and I was like hey what the heck, why not?! So here we are haha If you are reading this thank you for your support and I pray that God uses me to send you a message if it be His will. If no ones reads this and I am just posting into the endless abyss of the cyber world then great!


I have outlined three goals I wish to achieve during this time and there are as follows:

  1. Relying on God’s guidance for every decision
  2. Strengthen relationships with friends, family, etc.
  3. Embrace everyday with peace and productivity

So let’s see how I do…