Day 2: Table for two?

UPDATE: Wow. So this fast has been underway for less than 48 hours and God has already blessed me so much. I have had the opportunity to spend hours catching up with friends that I have not seen in a while. Someone has stopped me and asked me if they could pray for me and told me that God is about to do miraculous things in my life. Friends have poured their love and support onto me and that I cannot even put into words how much it all means to me. I tell you what God is ridiculous, you give a tiny bit and He floods you with love. God is good.
            Anywho, I am spending the day cleaning. I am cleaning my room, doing my laundry, organizing school life. God and I have also begun the process of cleaning out my heart. I am going through and really digging deep to find the root causes of what has led me astray in my walk with God. I am also cleaning out my mind of all the negativity and thoughts of failure that have been weighing me down. It is not an easy process, but I have faith that I will find the issues and pull them up by their roots


“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” -Gandhi


I want to paint a picture for you. Think about all of the chaos going on in your life right now. For me it looks something like this:

  • Wake up at 5am
  • Clock into work at 5:30am
  • Go from work straight to class
  • Go from class straight to my other job and work until let’s say 4:00
  • Come home and take a second test for my online class
  • Go to the gym
  • Come home, eat something, get ready for bed, do one or two last minute assignments
  • Fall asleep around 11 or 12

While my days are not always THAT hectic you get my point. We live in Chaos. But interestingly enough I make sure to find time to answer text messages, scroll through Instagram, and send a few snapchats. However, I am way too busy to read a devotional, pray, or even talk to God.


Throughout my day I get stressed thinking about how stressed I am. I worry about whether or not I am going to do well on a test. I get myself worked up over relational dramas. I complain about being tired. I tend to focus on all of the negatives things going on in that day. And why is that? Because I have allowed the enemy a seat at my table. I have invited the enemy to come have lunch with me as I tell him about all of my problems. And how does he respond? He leans in agreeing with me and filling my head with lies. For example:


Kim: “ Frank has not texted me back in like 5 hours.”

The enemy: “ He has not texted you back in 5 hours? What?! You don’t think he is cheating on you with someone else do you? You better be careful! No one is loyal these days. Guys are all the same. I hope you are not lonely all of your life.”

Reality: Frank is at his job working hard in order to take me to a nice dinner this weekend.

Kim: “I am upset right now. How dare Frank go out and cheat on me when I am drowning in work. I cannot believe him. It’s over.”

The enemy: “LET HIM HAVE IT! Tell him how you feel!  Make him hate himself!”

(No Frank was harmed in the making of this post).



The enemy is a liar. He is a deceiver. He wants to see you fail.


But God…

The Lord is m shepherd, I lack nothing

He makes me lie down in green pastures,

He leads me beside quite waters,

He refreshes my soul,

He guides me along the right paths for His name’s sake.

Even though I walk through the darkest valley,

I will fear no evil for you are with me;

Your rod and your staff, they comfort me

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

            Psalms 23


“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”

In the middle of your struggles and the chaos of your life God prepares a table for you. God sets up a table and prepares an exquisite feast for you and invites you to have lunch with Him…to spend time with Him…to be close with Him…to catch your breath…and to place all of your burdens on Him. We just have to sit down with Him and allow him to provide for us.


We get to decide who we let come sit at our table. We Don’t have to give the enemy a seat at our table.


“…Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8


The enemy Is always lurking and waiting to destroy everything in your life. He is waiting for you to invite him to dinner. If the enemy already has a seat at your table, then YOU have to tell him to get up. What other people have you allowed to sit at your table? Do they carry death?


Things that the enemy will say to you:

  1. You are not going to make it
  2. You better watch your back
  3. You are not good enough/worthy
  4. Everyone is against you/No one likes you


But God…

  1. I will make a way
  2. I am with you therefore no one can harm you
  3. You are by child. I created you. You are worthy
  4. I love you. I am for you. I only want what is best for you



Dear God,

You have prepared for me a table in the presence of my enemies, and what have I done with it? I have invited the enemy to dinner. I have allowed the enemy to come sit at my table and fill my head with lies and thoughts of death. I have allowed the enemy to infiltrate my heart and whisper sweet nothings into my ear. In the name of Jesus, I remove the enemy from my table. I remove those from my life who wish nothing but death on my life. God I am back at the table with you. I am focusing on you and not on the chaos of the battles going on around me. You protect me, you provide for me, and you want nothing but the best for me. God I turn all of my attention onto our relationship, because you are the living water that gets me through each and every day. God I cast the feelings of doubt, loneliness, and exhaustion at your feet. God you can bear the weight of my burdens but I cannot. I come to you now asking for a clean heart and a clean mind. I pray that I open my heart to you and you fill it with your love. My spirit is no longer heavy, but weightless. God I pray that I seek you before the start of every day, before the end of every night and all the hours in between. God I pray that my mind be cleansed of doubt and filled with hope. I pray that your light shine through me so that I may break the gloominess on my life as well as others. God I want to lean into you and walk with you each and every day. God you are my shepherd and you have never led me astray. I am back at the garden and I am ready to be cleansed. In Jesus name I pray.




This blog was inspired by Louie Giglio’s sermon on Psalms 23. Here is the link to watch the full sermon! It is great and if you have time you should definitely have a listen! Don’t give the enemy a seat

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